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Northeast Preparatory School  has been can accredited and state licensed secondary institution for over fifty years. We are accredited by the United Private Academic Schools Association of Pennsylvania and offer and accelerated academic course of study towards earning a diploma. 

Our philosophy here at Northeast Preparatory School is to both prepare our graduates for life after high school and to insure that they have the skills to be successful in whatever endeavor they elect. We motivate our students through teaching them personal responsibility, cooperation, hard work and overall respect towards our diverse population. It is our belief that these lessons both enhance and complete our student education. Much of our success can be attributed to our small class size and our emphasis on individual attention, in-school counseling, career guidance and our overall commitment to excellence.

We involve parents in the educational process through the regular phone conferences, in-school parent-teacher meetings and periodic progress reports so as to always keep the parents informed as to the academic and overall status of their children. Even though we are a tuition-based school, we have various flexible payment plans ro help parents afford and give their child a private education. Our office hours are from 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday. We are available for you to come in and get to know us. You are welcome to ask any questions concerning our programs, as well, as to register your child. Also, you can call us at (215)342-5500 for any inquiries and speak to Ms. Ivelisse Bones or Mr. Damien Probst to schedule an appointment.

We have a school prom in the spring and a notable graduation ceremonies at the end of the year in June for students to partake. We avail our students all of the necessary learning resources and facilities, as long as the students maintain them in good condition. We partner with our local neighbors and community to provide our children with more opportunities to enhance their educational experience.

GRADUATION Class of 2016