1.) Any form of classroom disruption will NOT be tolerated. Students will be suspended if disruption persist.

2.) Any student caught vandalizing (including graffiti) will be subject to an automatic suspension and the parents will be responsible for any cost ofrestoration of property.
3.) Any student involved in fighting will be subjected to an automatic expulsion and may be prosecuted.

4.) Any student involved in the possession, sale, and/or use of drugs or ancontrolled substance will be automatically expelled and prosecuted.
5.) NO WEAPONS ALLOWED. Possession of any weapon/s will result inexpulsion.
6.) Any student threatening  peers, faculty and/or staff members, verbal or
physical, will be automatically expelled.
7.) School Policy dictates the following regulations in regard to cellular phones

and/or electronic devices:
       * NO cell phones or electronic devices during class time.

       * Cell phones or electronic devices MUST be concealed.

Any student/s who violates the above policies, will be sent to the office and will be subjected to possible detention and/or suspension.*In case of home emergency, any parent or guardian may call the school office. The school will notify the student/s immediately.